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Computer Clutter from A to Z

So, you followed my advice about decluttering the kids’rooms, you listened to my suggestions about reorganizing your kitchen, and you tested my tips to make room for baby’s arrival…

However, there is still clutter lurking in your home! It is in, out, and all around your COMPUTER! Since computers have become such an important part of our daily lives, it seems only natural to talk about reorganizing our computers, both inside and out.

I like to streamline, so here is a simplified list of ways to conquer some of your computer clutter:

A – Arrange your computer program disks. A CD holder is a good organizing solution.

B – Back up your hard drive onto a USB key (simple to do, relatively inexpensive – can be found at many supermarkets).

C – Cords should be tied together neatly and labeled with stickers for quick and easy identification.

D – Delete pictures, videos, files and folders to free up space on your hard drive.

E – Examine your desktop and delete unused icons. Arrange icons according to how often you use them.

F – Frequently used files and folders should be labeled and dated clearly for easy retrieval. Pick an “easy-to-remember” file name.

G – Get updates for Windows and other frequently-used programs.

H – Have serial numbers and other computer ID info handy in case of a computer “emergency”. Tape a post-it to the side of the screen or tower.

I – Inbox decluttering: delete email messages which are no longer useful. Transcribe info elsewhere, instead of using your inbox as a “remind-me”.

J – Just do it, and stop procrastinating: dust off the computer, the screen, and all around the cords.

K - Keyboard clean-up can be done with a can of compressed air and some moist Q-tips.

L – List computer supplies which you need regularly (printer ink, paper, etc.) and find an online-store for quick and easy purchasing.

M – Mouse clean-up…it’s true, even the mouse needs maintenance! Sometimes dust and hair get into the older ones with the ball underneath.

N – Never keep passwords taped to the side of your computer. It’s a good idea to write them down and store them in another safe place in the house.

O – Organize your computer files into folders: imagine a filing cabinet, and arrange your files into appropriate categories.

P – Provide passwords and important bank information to loved ones in case of an emergency.

Q – Quickly throw out trash, old papers and unimportant files on your desk around the computer.

R – Run your virus scans to protect your computer from unwanted viruses.

S – Speakers and cords connected to your computer should be dusted and cleaned.

T – Tabletop area around your computer should be well-organized and as clutter-free as possible!

U – Upgrade memory space and old computer parts whenever possible. If need be, get help from a computer professional (there are some competent ones in the FUSAC, an online Anglophone newsletter with classifieds).

V – Verify your email “address book” of contacts. There might very well be duplicates.

W – World Wide Web can clutter your mind. Declutter your “favorites” list.

X – eXamine (cheating, huh?) the area around the computer for items which belong elsewhere (diapers, medicine, half-eaten candy bars…you get the idea)!

Y – You have to be ruthless…set aside 1 hour TODAY to follow this alphabet of suggestions. I promise you won’t regret it!

Z – Zero computer clutter. IT IS POSSIBLE!!

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