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Checklist to Complete LONG Before You Need It

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Checklist Sections:


1) Emergency Contacts
2) Codes/Logins/Passwords
3) Vital Documents
4) Notary/Lawyer
5) Health
6) Finances

7) Employment
8) Funerals
9) Furry Friends

Robynne created this Checklist as a time-saver, a sort of "one-stop shopping" which (after having filled it out) will give you and your loved ones peace of mind in case of emergency or worse. The title says it all, though: fill in the answers to the questions LONG before you need it! Here is an example of the type of questions:

↳ “Who are the friends/neighbors/people with keys to contact in case of an emergency (name, land line and cell phone numbers)?”

↳ “What is the code to access your email account (as well as the password, recovery email and phone number)?”

↳ “Where is the original deed for any owned property/properties located?”

↳ “Where is our marriage certificate located?”

The cost to obtain this eight-page document is 7 euros. Please pay with the Paypal button below, and I will be happy to send you by return email the version(s) you requested. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Cancer Support France Paris IDF (, a charity near and dear to my heart.

Spanish Checklist

English Checklist

Italian Checklist

French Checklist
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