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How My Business Got Started Here In France

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

It was April 2006…I had organized a Message Support Group get-together at my home in Paris with some new friends, and the subject came up about how everyone was spending the upcoming Easter break. One of my girlfriends let out a huge heavy sigh and said, “I have to reorganize my daughter’s room. She is going into 1st grade, and needs a desk.” I responded, “If you’d like, I can come over and help you. I am really good at organizing, and I LOVE doing that kind of stuff!” There was a huge collective gasp, and everyone around the table asked if I could come to THEIR house next! That was a serious “light bulb” moment for me. I had been considering how to start my own business since my second child was going to start school full-time, and becoming a Professional Organizer seemed to align my skill set with my passions. I started doing the research, and decided that this was definitely the right path for me.

Coincidentally, a close friend of mine had started up an Entrepreneurs Group which I found to be extremely helpful with administrative issues. It was also very motivating to attend these monthly meetings, surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs with fabulous feedback! I was one of the few group members who spoke French fluently since my husband is French, so the road blocks were quite minimal for me to start my own business – I just needed to “land the plane”...

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