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Spring Cleaning: Getting Your House In Tip-top Shape

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Argh, it's that time again! Spring cleaning....well, although « cleaning » is not my strongest point, I can definitely give good advice on « space management »!! Here are my TIP-TOP TOP TIPS (say that 10 times fast!!!), room by room:


Open that tupperware drawer in your it a scary sight? If so....

- purchase a dozen or so identical-sized containers

- purchase (or keep) 2 or 3 large rectangular transparent containers for serious leftovers

- purchase (or keep) 2 or 3 supersize rectangular transparent containers for holiday leftovers, big batches of cookies, etc.

· Transparent containers allow you to see contents without opening

· Choosing good-quality containers with lids that close well will save money in the long run

· The advantage of same-size containers is that they stack perfectly in the fridge when lids are on, and perfectly in the drawer/cupboard when lids are off

· Rectangular containers waste less space than round containers

· Same-size containers avoid time wasted searching for the correct lid!


French bathrooms are often rather small, and it can be a challenge to make good use of this space...

- Over-the-door transparent shoe organizers (can be found at BHV,, drogueries, or « Paris Pas Cher » types of stores

· this organizing tool adds storage to otherwise-wasted space

· transparent pockets allow for easier visualization of items stored

· great for small items such as Q-tips, perfume samples, small bottles of cream, etc.


- Baskets or containers, placed in convenient easy-to-reach places, WITH NO LIDS

· With baby in your arms a lot in the first few months, you will be opening things with your feet, elbows, single-handed, etc. Keep it simple – no lids to struggle with!

· Same thing applies to the dirty laundry hamper – no lids, or lid that opens with one foot


- Choose organizing system wisely for their toys

· Sort toys in a way that suits your KIDS, not you, the PARENTS. For example, don't expect a young child to separate Barbie clothes from Barbie accessories in the heat of clean-up time! Have one Barbie bin, no matter how obsessive-compulsive you may be! It will be much easier to say to your child « all Barbie stuff in this bin PLEASE! »

· If you want to increase even more your chances of getting the kids to tidy up, label all bins, and put a picture/drawing of its contents on the outside


If you are lucky enough to have as separate food storage area, this is high-risk for clutter!

- Give away/throw away unused or perished items

- Refill shelves by placing similar items together by category (« kids' snacks », « pasta corner », « baking stuff », for example)

- Place most-used items at eye level in front, less-used items up high and/or in the back, kiddie items down low for them to reach

- Use empty sturdy shoe boxes to create a « drawer » on a shelf. Use for stray packets of sauce, cake-decorating items, etc. Make sure the boxes are labelled, and stack them in the cupboard (if possible) to make good use of VERTICAL space which often goes unforgotten

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