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The founder of the company, Robynne Pendariès, received her degree in Child Psychology from Tufts University in Boston, and then moved to Paris in 1989. Robynne worked for 10 years as a fashion buyer in Paris, and subsequently raised her two children while managing her husband's career as a professional golf player and instructor. Robynne spent the next 8 years perfecting her organizing skills in her own home, and she came to realize how passionate organizing had become for her. During a get-together with some friends, Robynne had her "aha" moment and decided to start her business in 2006 as a Professional Organizer in France. 

Since then, Robynne has worked with clients of all ages (from 3 to 90 yrs. old), in several European countries and in the United States (in person and online), as well as adults with both « neuro-typical » and « neuro-divergent» brains. 


Robynne's strong interest in adults with "neuro-divergent" brains led her to the next "chapter" of her professional an ADHD Coach. She completed an ICF-accredited 12-month program, comprised of 5 courses, through "Coach Approach": this program is designed to be a "perfect marriage" between professional organizing and ADHD Coaching. For more information, see the "ADHD Coaching" page on this website.

Robynne is an active member of MESSAGE Support Group, AAWE (Association for American Women in Europe), FAWCO (Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas), and Cancer Support France (Paris - IDF). 

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