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Making Your Work Space Work For You

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Don't forget this: an organized work surface projects an image of a capable and efficient person ! Now let's get started...Imagine you and your desk chair are the “bull’s-eye” in the center of the target. You are the middle, and everything radiates outwards. The things you use the most for your work should be organized closest to the bull’s-eye!


- If right-handed, place pens, telephone, filing cabinets, scanners, etc. on your RIGHT.

- Use only ONE to-do list to jot things down

- Leave on desk only NECESSARY items: remove copier/printer/scanner (allocate another table). Remove books, journals, catalogues and place them on shelves (close by or far, depending on frequency of use)

- Install a bulletin board behind you for important numbers/ reminders, instead of post-its everywhere!

- Space-savers: trays, caddies, sturdy magazine holders. Label them for easy retrieval by colleagues and/or secretaries

- Declutter desk drawers thoroughly. Keep only necessary office supplies here, NOT STOCK!!!

- Divide drawer contents with MUJI or IKEA drawer organizers, or extra tupperware with missing lids!

- When you create a « home » for something, you are more likely to put it back and then find it quicker/easier next time!


- Screen should be EYE LEVEL ! Create a shelf with Ikea Rationel Variera, and put a box underneath with compartments to store paper clips, tape, rubber bands, etc.


- Always open mail next to recycling bin/shredder!

- Place mail separately from other files/folders by placing in napkin holder, or similar mail holder (MUJI ONLINE magazine holder)


- Files can be color-coated according to category or importance, then filed alphabetically

- Separate cabinets for student files, school employees, other business depending on space available

- Keep everyday files close at hand – you should NOT have to get up to reach a file if you use it frequently

- Again, declutter and remove/shred/throw away any files that you no longer need AND files with info that you can always access later online


- Open pathways / floor space for easy flow in the office. Create a « home » for your bag, umbrella, coat by putting up hooks on back of door, NOT thrown over a chair or placed on the floor next to your feet!


- Take a few minutes to tidy up at end of day. Starting next day with clean space makes for less fishing around through clutter for important papers!

- Check out YOU TUBE video « office organization » and others for good visual aids to getting organized.

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